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MORE end-user documentation

The purpose of this user manual is to describe the overall workflow that will be supported by MORe, the LoCloud aggregator. This workflow comprises of a number of distinct steps and its goal is to guide the user in order to publish a package to Europeana.

In brief, the user initiates a new harvest from a metadata source (currently OAI-PMH, Wikimedia, MINT). The distinct steps can be seen below.

When each step is completed, a notification message is generated in order for the user to be informed. Moreover, if an action needs input from the user, a task is generated. The process can be terminated at any stage (the user marks the package accordingly to the appropriate status).
The enrichment step is optional and can be triggered more than one times (possibly including different enrichment micro-services), provided that the package has been transformed. The enrichment serice is running only for EDM records, as it is the common schema for all providers at this time.