Wikimedia API technical documentation

The wikimedia application has been built as a web service. Although it makes extesinve use of REST services, the Wikimedia Commons API library has been used. The main challenge in developing the Wikimedia application focuses on extracting and parsing correctly content from Wikimedia. This is because Wiki content is not always semantically correct and little information can be extracted with a good degree of confidence. 

There are two access levels set in place in order to ensure the proper use of the application and safeguard the server's resources.

Access to the REST API calls

These require an API key that is provided on request. Each API call must be accompanied by this API key in order to provide proper audit and resource limitation (when needed). 

Access to the API console

The access to the API console is free and does not require any keys. It was meant as a demo of the application's capabilities.

A guide to the LoCloud vocabulary APIs can be found under the following link:
Wikimedia API guide.pdf