The establishment and operation of the online help desk service is a task in work package 4 of the LoCloud project. Work package 4 is dedicated to enabling and supporting small and medium sized institutions and is co-ordinated by AVINET.

The help desk is available from month 16 through 36 via the LoCloud Support Centre homepage. The help desk is staffed on a shared basis by a distributed group of technical and metadata experts. In addition to the task coordinator, PSNC (Poland) and the Athena Research Centre (Greece) are contributing staff resources to the operation of the help desk.

Where necessary, support staff will draw on the joint knowledge base of the entire LoCloud consortium as required to resolve complex or unusual issues that reported through the help desk.

LoCloud is a project with tight resources and the help desk cannot be staffed 24/7. Therefore, please do not expect immediate response to queries. However, rest-assured that we will try to find a solution to your problem and get back to you as soon as we can.

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