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I created a library. How to upload data, where do I find the function?

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Where is the management interface for a digital library which I created in my account of LoCloud Collections?
asked Sep 1, 2014 in LoCloud Collections by anonymous

1 Answer

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The administrator's interface for a single digital library that you are looking for is located under /admin URL of your digital library. So if your library is http://my-library.locloudhosting.net/ then the admin interface is located here: http://my-library.locloudhosting.net/admin/. To access it you will need username and password which you provided in the form which you used to create new digital library.

This admin URL for each created digital library is also available in the LoCloud Collections user panel. To view it you need to go to your profile page (https://locloudhosting.net/users/panel). You should see there a table with all digital libraries. Now you need to click DETAILS button visible next to the name of particular digital library. Details page will appear and there will be two links presented: one to public part and second one to admin interface.

answered Sep 1, 2014 by mwerla (460 points)
Hi Marcin,
I would like to use LDL to enter the FRS books collections. We have the pictures of the single pages. How do you suggest to proceed?
Probably the best way would be to make PDF files with all pictures of pages of a single book. It will be easier to read than with single images.

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