Welcome to the LoCloud support centre

This page provides an introduction to the applications, APIs and microservices that are implemented through the CIP ICT-PSP project LoCloud including service descriptions, technical documentation, end-user manuals, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and demo installations where the services can be tested in a "sandbox" environment.

In addition to this WIKI, the support centre consists of:

  • a Questions & Answers module where members of the LoCloud community can share knowledge
  • a Help Desk module where you can ask questions specific to your own systems and data

The LoCloud services and applications are listed below in alphabetical order, please click on the link in the list below for a description of the respective service as well as documentation and support options.

If you have a question that you believe may have been asked by someone else before, please check for an answer at our questions and answers section. If you cannot find the answer to your question there and believe that it is useful to others as well as yourself, please post the question on that site.

If you have a technical support request regarding issues that are specific to you - or that are related to errors or unexpected behavior in software, please refer to the technical support section.

LoCloud Services and Applications

Enrichment Service
Geolocation Enrichment Tools
Historical Placenames Service
LoCloud Collections
MINT (ingestion tool)
MORe (repository)
Vocabulary Service
Wikimedia application