LoCloud Enrichment Microservice

LoCloud provides a metadata enrichment service whose aim is to assists users in providing contextual information about existing cultural heritage data, as well as helping to categorize cultural heritage items with relevant terms and concepts of a particular vocabulary. Metadata enrichment service comprises two different micro-services:

  1. Background link micro-service, which automatic links items in the collections to background information contained in Dbpedia pages.
  2. Vocabulary matching micro-service, which automatically links relevant information from the metadata to relevant classes in a provided vocabulary.

Both micro-services are implemented as REST services and are deployed into virtual machines (VM). The services are integrated into the LoCloud infrastructure and ready to use: content providers just have to send textual information to the REST server, wich will be automatically enriched.

If you would like to invoke the metadata enrichment API from your own applications, please refer to the technical documentation.