Vocabulary application user documentation

The aim of the work was to develop an experimental vocabulary application that helps local cultural institutions to collaborate in the development of multilingual vocabularies for local history and archaeology. This cloud based application should then allow the retrieval of terms to be integrated during semantic enrichment in the LoCloud aggregation process.

Especially in the cultural heritage domain vocabularies can vary to a huge extend from country to country. Terms existing in one language might not be known in another language, or the hierarchies of the vocabularies in the various languages could vary. The LoCloud experimental vocabulary application is therefore based on the federated thesaurus model. With the federated model it is possible to have indepent vocabularies for the various languages in the same domain. The alignment of the various vocabularies in the different languages is done via concept identifiers. 

A well-established open-source vocabulary platform, TemaTres, has been chosen as baseline for the development.
The test application has been integrated in the LoCloud testlab where it can be accessed via http://test113.ait.co.at/tematres/unesco/index.php(external link) or via the testplatform of the microservices at http://lc004.ait.co.at:8080/portal/site/wp3(external link) (test/test). The tool supports the import of vocabularies and the online collaboration in the creation and updating of vocabularies.

The current version available is Version 2. The test phase of the microservices is a staged testing process til November 2014. The test results and recommendations received shall be recognized in updated versions of the tool.

You can download here the user documentation for the experimental vocabulary application:

Vocabulary end user documentation part 1

Vocabulary end user documentation part 2

Vocabulary end user documentation part 3

If you like to browse the vocabularies that are already included in the LoCloud enrichment process please refer to http://vocabulary.locloud.eu(external link) .

If you want to enter the experimental vocabulary application with a test account first look into this short introduction which provides the access details: Short introduction on how to access the LoCloud experimental vocabulary application with a test account.pdf


If you like to use the Vocabulary API services in your local cataloguing system please refer to the technical documentation.