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Geolocation API technical documentation

The API is implemented as a simple HttpGet web state-less web service that permits searching for place names in the context of a geographic super-region such as a country.

Invoking the API

The base URI where the Geocoding API can be accessed is:

Base URL for web service

The web service accepts five different parameters

Parameter name Description Legal values
InputText The term to search for e.g. "Etterbeek"
ContextPlace The context to search within e.g. "Brussels"
Country The country where the name belongs e.g. "Belgium"
MaxOutput The maximum number of results to return A numeric value, e.g. 10
PreferableSource The data source to search, One of: "Geonames", "Google" or "National"
Key An API key required to use the service Contact Franc to get a key if you are interested

The example below shows how a typical valid HttpGet request to the Web Service API may look.

HttpGet request to search for "Brussels"

Interpreting the results

The web service returns response data as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). An example showing how the response looks is shown below.

JSON Web Service response
  "LoGeo version 1.2 15.11.2014": [
      "InputText": "Etterbeek",
      "PlaceName": "Etterbeek",
      "AlternativeNames": "",
      "ContextOut": "Etterbeek,Belgium",
      "ContextTime": "",
      "CoordinateSystem": "EPSG:4326",
      "PlaceX": 4.3889939,
      "PlaceY": 50.832578,
      "PlaceZ": 0.0,
      "AccuracySpatial": "",
      "Confidelity": "",
      "Rights": "Powered by Google",
      "Source": "Google",
      "Date": "",
      "Remarks": ""