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Isn't MORE enough as LoCloud Collections data seem to be accessible only through OAI-PMH ?

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We are currently testing/working on the workflow from LoCloud Collections to MINT and then MORE.

From our own experience and according to the provided documentation, LoCloud Collections seem to only be ingested within MINT from an OAI endpoint (thanks to the OAI-PMH repository plugin embeded in Omeka). As MORE insure this same OAI ingesting functionality , can't we just bypass MINT with this kind of already quite well structured dataset ?

I guess MINT would be useful while working on more intricated data structure, and based on an Omeka-XML export from LoCloud Collections ? But I may be wrong.

Thanks in advance, Pierre-Edouard
asked Apr 22, 2015 in MORE Service by cg33 (230 points)

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First of all, you are right that MORe supports the ingestion of a dataset through an OAI endpoint. However, the used schemas in MORe are: EDM, ESE, OAI_DC, CARARE and OMEKA-XML. If another schema (e.g mods or mets) is used, then MINT should be used so as to transform the dataset to one of the above schemas.

This means that if you have a dataset in omeka-xml or oai_dc, you could immediately use MORe to harvest it.

I hope that it helps you.

All the best, Dimitra - Nefeli.
answered May 5, 2015 by n.makri (610 points)
selected Jun 4, 2015 by cg33
Hi Dimitra

Sorry for this late answer. Yes it has been helpful, thanks.
Best regards, Pierre

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