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Creating unique identifiers for EDM

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Hi all,

I would like to mention some points about the identifiers used in EDM schema. These are:

  • the rdf:about of edm:providedCHO and rdf:resource of edm:aggregatedCHO should have the same value
  • the rdf:about of ore:Aggregation should have different value, defining a unique identifier (not just a number)
  • the rdf:about of edm:WebResource should have the same value of rdf:resource either of edm:isShownAt or edm:isShownBy.

In oder to create unique identifiers for ore:Aggregation, you could use the same url of edm:providedCHO or edm:aggregatedCHO, adding an extension like #aggregation to the identifer. For example, if you use the value "http://more.locloud.eu/object/DCU/1" on edm:providedCHO or edm:aggregatedCHO, you could use the value "http://more.locloud.eu/object/DCU/1#aggregation" on ore:Aggregation.


closed with the note: It's not a question, rather an advice.
asked Jun 15, 2015 in MORE Service by n.makri (610 points)
closed Jul 9, 2015 by admin

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